Sum Coin Age Distribution (SCA Distribution)


Sum Coin Age Distribution(SCA Distribution) shows the distribution of Long-Term Holder and Short-Term Holder with UTxO data. It is similar to UTxO age distribution but weighted by alive days(=age of each UTxO) to highlight long-term holder's distribution. Each field is calculated as the sum of the products of coin unspent transaction output alive days and its value in a given period, divided by their sum.
P(X=[ai,bi))=uutxoslifespanuvalueuI(ailifespanu<bi)uutxoslifespanuvalueuP(X=[a_i, bi))= \frac{\sum_{u \in utxos} \text{lifespan}_u * \text{value}_u * \mathbb{I}(a_i \leq \text{lifespan}_u < b_i)}{\sum_{u \in utxos} \text{lifespan}_u * \text{value}_{u}}
(ai,bi)∈[[0,1d),[1d, 1w), [1w, 1m), [1m, 3m), [3m, 6m), [6m, 12m), [12m, 18m), [18m, 24m), [2y, 3y), [3y, 5y), [5y, 7y), [7y, 10y), [10y, ∞)]


SCA Distribution is similar to UTxO age distribution but weighted by alive days to highlight long-term holder’s distribution in different ranges. If the long-term SCA Distribution ratio increases, then it could be interpreted as the coin's future value is greater than the current value.
The range of SCA Distribution is as below
  • Less than 1 Day
  • 1 Day to 1 Week
  • 1 Week to 1 Month
  • 1 Month to 3 Month
  • 3 Month to 6 Month
  • 6 Month to 12 Month
  • 12 Month to 18 Month
  • 18 Month to 24 Month
  • 2 Year to 3 Year
  • 3 Year to 5 Year
  • 5 Year to 7 Year
  • 7 Year to 10 Year
  • 10 Year to Infinity

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