Top 15 Preset Charts ⭐

Save preset charts from our top analysts! Save charts, save time.

CryptoQuant Pro allows you to copy preset charts. Click the links below and check out preset charts to see whale dumping, miner selling, whale accumulation, huge OTC deals, buying/selling pressure, market trend, and market sentiment.

Whale Dumping

BTC: All Exchanges Inflow Mean (144-block / 24-hour Moving Average)

BTC: Exchange Whale Ratio (72-hour Moving Average)

Miner Selling

BTC: All Miners to All Exchanges Flows Transactions Count

BTC: All Miners' Outflows

BTC: Miners' Position Index (MPI; 30-day Moving Average)

Whale Accumulation

BTC: Coinbase Premium Index

BTC: All Exchanges Inflow Mean (7-day Moving Average)

BTC: Grayscale holdings / GBTC Premium

Huge OTC deal

BTC: Coinbase Outflow by Block

BTC: Fund Flow Ratio & Tokens Transferred

Buying/Selling Pressure

All Stablecoins: All Exchanges Inflow Transaction Count

BTC: Stablecoin Ratio in USD (MACD)

Market Trend

BTC: All Exchanges Reserve

BTC: All Exchanges Netflow (30-day Moving Average)

Market Sentiment

BTC: Aggregated Funding Rate / Futures Open Interest for All Exchanges

BTC: Estimated Leverage Ratio for all exchanges

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