Glossary (Market)

Entry into Market Data/Indicators
When investor close their position voluntarily or by forced liquidation which comes with bankruptcy procedure
Any form of liquidation could affect the price and call in for another action of forced liquidation
Ex. Short/Long Squeeze
​Defined as the ratio of Taker Buy Volume divided by the Taker Sell Volume
  • Over values of '1'
    Dominant Bullish sentiment
  • Under values of '1'
    Dominant Bearish sentiment
The number of open positions (including both long and short positions) currently on a derivative exchange's BTC/USD trading pairs.
  • Increasing
    -Adding liquidity, volatility, and attention -Supporting ongoing price trend
  • Decreasing
    Exiting liquidity, volatility, and attention
Periodic payments to long or short traders based on the difference between the perpetual contract market and the spot price
  • Rates over ‘0’
    Dominant Long Sentiment
  • Rates under ‘0’
    Dominant Short Sentiment
  • Increasing
    Longs gaining dominance
  • Decreasing trend
    Shorts gaining dominance
Defined as the ratio of open interest divided by the reserve of an exchange
  • High
    -Over Leveraged Market
    -Possible Volatility
  • Low
    Low Leveraged Market
  • Increasing
    Holding More Leverage
  • Decreasing trend
    Taking off Leverage
The total BTC amount flowing into or out of exchange divided by the total BTC amount transferred on the whole Bitcoin network
  • Increasing
    -Possible Volatility
    -Active Exchanges' Activity
  • Decreasing
    Possible OTC