Why trust CryptoQuant data

Why trust CryptoQuant data?

We procures essential on-chain & futures data which provides insight into the fundamental investment activity underlying the network.

CryptoQuant Data provides the most comprehensive on-chain and market data gathered from blockchain and major cryptocurrency exchanges. Over 1M worldwide traders are using our data, and more than 10,000 articles cite our data every month.

Blockchain can offer great potential, but it has its vulnerabilities rising as well. Among different data you can observe, market data is being cultivated and manipulated as the market is getting bigger by the day. Thus, the importance of on-chain data is growing bigger and bigger.

We keep track of every single transaction that occurs in the market, label addresses through dusting and machine learning-based clustering, identify entities whether it's an exchange or a mining pool, etc.

Outputs of our analysis can be one of the followings:

1) Network data that relates to blockchain network itself such as active address count

2) Market data related to price data evoked by cryptocurrency exchanges

3) Entity flow data that summarize money flow movement among the most important players in the network such as exchanges and miners.

To be more specific about our entity flow data, CryptoQuant currently tracks on-chain flow metrics for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Stablecoins, and Altcoins. For example, knowledge of exchange addresses allows us to determine the supply held by exchanges and to calculate on-chain flows—i.e., the transfer of native units—into or out of addresses associated with exchanges. Measuring flows and supply held is an imperfect science so caution must be applied in their application to trading or other uses cases, particularly in the early periods of their release. (note 1)

We provide real-time charts and raw entity data by following the steps below.

  1. Collect labeled addresses by preceding thorough and vast amount of dusting process

  2. Serve our data efficiently and securely

  3. Ensure that we have valid labeled addresses based on reserve analysis, trend analysis, graph analysis, and data statistic analysis.

Data provided by CryptoQuant is trusted and used by top media such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, Forbes, and Bloomberg. We've also helped solve money-laundering cases in Korea with these address label data, closely working with Korean Police Agency and Prosecution Service. The Korean government supports us to spend a million USD to investigate wallets since 2019.

Note on Possible Delay

Please note that end-of-day data of exchange/miner/inter-entity flow will be ready to serve from UTC 00:00 AM that may take up to an hour. Since block confirmation takes time due to the nature of the blockchain, blocks created before 00:00 AM are reflected in the calculation sequentially. The block confirmation time varies from time to time, so the safe time to query the endpoint for a full day would be an hour after the day. (i.e., UTC 1:00AM) Note that Top 10 data will return null until the block confirmation is complete. Search more on CryptoQuant's API docs Time convention

Combining the blockchain data with our labeling addresses takes between 1 and 5 minutes. Therefore, to get the latest data points safely, we recommend you to request data after 10 minutes.

Technical Documents

For more information on our data, the following technical documents would be helpful.

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