CryptoQuant Data Guide

Comprehensive CryptoQuant data guide for crypto traders to get an edge in the market.

About CryptoQuant data

CryptoQuant offers comprehensive data for crypto trading. It includes market data, on-chain data, fund data, and indicators for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, and ERC20 tokens.

├── Status/ // status of Bitcoin entity
├── Exchange-Flows/ // on-chain statistics of exchanges
├── Flow-Indicator/ // mpi, whale ratio and other flow indicators
├── Market-Indicator/ // stablecoin supply ratio and other market indicators
├── Network-Indicator/ // nvt, nvt-golden-cross and other network indicators
├── Miner-Flows/ // on-chain statistics of miners
├── Inter-Entity-Flows/ // on-chain statistics of flows between entities
├── Fund-Data/ // fund related data
├── Market-Data/ // price, capitalization
└── Network-Data/ // general statistics of Bitcoin network
├── Status/ // status of Ethereum entity
├── Exchange-Flows/ // on-chain statistics of exchanges
├── ETH2.0/ // Ethereum 2.0 statistics
├── Fund-Data/ // fund related data
└── Market-Data/ // price, capitalization, market indicators
├── Status/ // status of stablecoin entity
├── Exchange-Flow/ // on-chain statistics of exchanges
├── Market-Data/ // price, capitalization, market indicators
└── Network-Data/ // USDT, PAXOS, USDC, DAI, TUSD, SAI
├── Status/ // status of erc20 entity
├── Exchange-Flow/ // on-chain statistics of exchanges
└── Market-Data/ // price

What is on-chain data?

History of on-chain metrics

The on-chain analysis is a new framework for bitcoin valuation which allows traders to establish an edge. On-chain data shows activities via transactions recorded on blockchain networks. With on-chain data, traders can see what happens in the networks that finally results in price movement. For example, exchange flows data gives us an insight into actual major players' money flow in the networks. CryptoQuant aims to provide full historical on-chain and market data which allows you to build an in-depth understanding of the markets, therefore, leading you to make robust trading strategies.

Why do we need on-chain data?

Major players's money flow in the bitcoin/cypto space

On-chain data allows traders to view legitimate activities that occur in the entire blockchain ecosystem for correct valuation of the network whereas market price can be easily manipulated especially in cryptocurrency markets. These data from blockchain networks can be compared to traditional valuation frameworks such as financial statements in stock markets and network valuation methods (e.g. Facebook's social network).

How do we utilize on-chain data?

CryptoQuant Academy provides here rich explanations of meaningful indicators and exclusive metrics in the following pages including interpretation, calculation method, and use cases. On-chain data is still in the early stage for an investment of cryptocurrencies. Our team hopes you join the world of on-chain data for proactive movement with unique indicators which in turn make chances for being profitable in cryptocurrency markets.

Not all indicators or metrics are currently covered in CQ Academy. Our research team is working on the others to provide meaningful analysis. If you have ones to be analyzed, please submit an idea form at Suggest Idea.